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Alec bought an Eco-58-1800-30 collector, Flowcon with BS4, Eco-nomical 3 port valve and various other parts for his solar installation.  Alec writes:

Hi there

We  purchased a 30 tube kit from yourselves a little while ago and this is just a short note to let you know how we got on.

We collected the kit on a Monday morning and by late Monday afternoon had the collector assembled. At this point I was a little worried that it would be too big as on the ground, close up it looked massive! Tuesday was busy doing other things. Wednesday put the collector up on the roof with the aid of son No.1. Resorted to buying a diamond drill to get through the tiles but once this was done everything else was dead easy to fit, connect, install and commission. Only one leak on the system when first pressurised. Guess where...... after all my attention to detail and diligence....back on the roof. Once that was sorted (Thursday) it was left for the week as we went away on holiday.

On returning, a couple of hours fiddling with the controller and bleeding the system got it working perfectly.

Have to say that now the collector is on the roof it does not look too big at all.

We are impressed with the temperatures seen in the tank ..anything up to 64 deg C so far. (its a 250 ltr tank so takes a bit of heating.)

I have completed this installation myself as an enthusiastic DIY type ! (apart from the lift onto the roof with the collector.)

I have attached a couple of photos to give some idea of the installation but as with all things I reckon I could do it even neater, simpler, etc next time!

Thanks a lot for the kit and your website which gave valuable information.

Incidentally....one neighbour pulled a face about it but all the rest were very interested and enthusiastic as were a lot of friends in the neighbourhood who have seen it while passing.

All the best

Alec and Jan Elliot



Thanks to Alec and Jan for this information.


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