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Rainwater Harvesting

Like solar, rainwater harvesting can both save you money and help the environment.  Also like solar, it is not hard to find a company that will be happy to relieve you of 5000 to install a system.  We aim to provide low cost components to fit rainwater harvesting at a fraction of this price.

If you have a water meter, every litre of water you use in your home will be charged not only for its provision, but also for its removal.  Using rainwater can reduce water charges by 50%.  Environmental benefits include reducing the load and hence energy consumption of water distribution and drainage systems, and reducing the impact of flash flooding events.

Stored rainwater may be used for flushing WC's, filling washing machines, and external use such as irrigation and car washing.  These account for around 50% of typical domestic water consumption.

What can I use as a storage vessel?

The lowest cost vessels are recycled containers.  Many companies supply used 1000 litre cubes called IBC (intermediate bulk containers).  These are plastic cubes contained in a metal cage.  Without the cage they need an alternative support when full.  They typically sell for 25-50 ea.  Other companies supply large water butt shaped ex food containers which may have contained fruit juice, preserves etc.  These are more solid than IBC's and are sometimes available very cheaply or free.

How it works

An device inserted into the rainwater downpipe intercepts and filters water and automatically fills a storage vessel, which is either above or below ground.  Water flows into this vessel until it is full, after which it flows directly to the drain.  A pump usually located in an attic space delivers the water at mains pressure to the locations where it is required (this requires secondary plumbing to the various outlets.  Note that plumbing regulations forbid any potential mixing of mains and recycled water).



Filter Collector.  Installs in down pipe from gutter, suitable for down pipes from 68 - 110mm diameter, and for flow from roofs up to 70m2.  Prevents storage vessel from overflowing.  Prevents leaves and other debris entering water store.  Includes link hose, clamp up spigot pipe for water store and hole boring tool.  Available in black, white, grey or brown.  Made in Germany.

39.50 + VAT (47.40)

Pump/pressurisation unit.  This unit pumps water from the store and automatically maintains mains pressure in the secondary pipe work. 900 Watt pump.  20l tank, pressure switch, non return valve, inlet filter and gauge.  Maximum suction distance 8m.  Unit fitted with 13Amp plug.  Made in Italy.

189 + VAT (226.80)


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