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Other Parts

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What components do I need for my solar installation?   Click here.

How many panels do I need for my house?   For more information click here.

How much solar fluid (antifreeze) do I need?  Click here for this and other information about solar fluid.

What is the power output of your panels?  For more information click here.

How does not orienting the panels optimally affect their output?  Click here.

Can I set up a thermosyphon system with your panels?  Click here.

What do I need to know about hot water cylinders?  Click here.

Doesn't the pump use a lot of electricity?  Click here.

What is the warranty on your panels?  Click here.

Can you deliver your products?  Click here.

How strong are the glass tubes?  Click here.

Will it fit in my car?  For Packing Information (box sizes) click here.

Can you recommend an installer?  Click here.

To learn how it works, click here.

How much solar energy is available?  Click here to find out.

For information on Evacuated Tube vs Flat Panel collectors click here.

What is the environmental cost of shipping the panels here in the first place?  Click here.

I live in Jersey, Guernsey, Mt Athos etc.  Can I avoid paying VAT? Click here.  Note: if you live in France, Spain, Germany etc you can't!

How hot will the tubes get?  Click here.

Do I need planning permission?  Click here.


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