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Justin installed this large system for Valerie Lampitt and family in November 2007.  It heats domestic hot water first, then heats the swimming pool, avoiding the need for a heat dump.  The large array comprises 5 Eco-1500-47-20 and one Eco-1500-47-12 collectors (for the simple reason this is the most they could fit on the roof!).  The array will provide nearly 4 kW peak output (ie when in full sun). The domestic hot water is heated in a Heatrae Sadia Megatech 250 litre unvented cylinder, and the pool heated using an Eco-nomical Bowman heat exchanger.  The usual Flowcon A pump station with a BS4 controller were used, together with a Resol 3 port valve.  Forty litres of propylene glycol were required.  Because of the large collector field, 22mm pipe was used throughout.  The BS4 controller diverts heat to the pool when the hot water cylinder is up to temperature, and also switches on, via a secondary relay, the main pool filtration pump which also provides flow for the pool heat exchanger.  After this system was operational for three gloomy November days, the customer called in the boiler maintenance company in the mistaken belief that the boiler was firing even though it was supposed to be switched off.  They were delighted when it turned out that the solar was in fact providing all of the hot water.


Here is the installation on the pool house.  Not much roof left showing!



Beneath the Flowcon pump station is the diverter valve which routes the solar fluid to the pool heat exchanger when the DHW cylinder is up to temperature.


The pool heat exchanger was installed in the roof space of the pool room.


Thanks to the Lampitt family and to Justin for this information.


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