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Justin installed a system for Alan and Elizabeth Edwards, primarily for pool heating.  Justin writes:

Alan and Elizabeth Edwards based in Kempsey Worcester originally wanted a solar heating system to be installed to heat their outdoor swimming pool during the summer.  They had previously relied on a 6KW electric heater positioned in the filtration pipework to heat the pool. The heater had been changed twice within 12 months after burning out, so it was both expensive and unreliable!  The pool had not been used in 2008 due to lack of heating.

A fairly modest (for pool heating) 40 tube setup was selected along with a Bowman Heat Exchanger to replace the faulty electrical heater, with a view to increasing the collector field size in the future.  The swimming pool would be heated in the summer, but outside the swimming season, the solar would heat domestic hot water.

25 Metres of Armacell Duo-flex Solar Stainless Steel flexible pipe was used to speed install time and reduce joints. A trench was dug at 200mm deep by 150mm wide with a length of 8 Metres (thanks to Ali for digging the trench for me!)  This would be used to run pipework from the property to the swimming pool. The Duo-flex was then passed through a 110mm pipe the length of the trench to the swimming pool while running up the wall into the property using purpose built wall clips for a tidy finish. An auxiliary relay was used to operate the pool pump when exchanging heat for the solar circuit to the pool water within the exchanger.

System components;

2 x Eco-58-1800-20 evacuated tube collectors
1 x Resol Flowcon A with BSPro Controller
1 x Inline AAV
18 Litre Expansion Vessel with mounting kit
25 Metres of 2 in 2 Duoflex Stainless Steel Pre-insulated Pipe
1 x Bowman Heat Exchanger
1 x SP1 Surge Protector
1 x Auxiliary Relay
8 Metres of 110mm Drainage Pipe


Thanks to Alan and Elizabeth Edwards and to Justin for this information.


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