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We can now offer courier delivery to most English addresses.  Prices vary depending on distance.  Consolidated delivery, meaning we get several deliveries in the same area, reduces the price, but takes longer to arrange.  Please contact us for more details.

The collector panels cannot be delivered by regular parcel companies, because they break the glass tubes.  Parcel companies collect parcels and take them to a depot, where they are sorted and reloaded to be taken to another depot, where they are sorted again and reloaded for delivery.  At the depots, the boxes are not treated gently.  The dual wall glass tubes are moulded from one piece of glass, joined at the top.  If the bottom of the tube receives a severe shock, such as the box they are in being dropped or thrown, the inner tube swings inside the outer tube and snaps off.  This does not mean the tubes are not robust in normal transport and use.  We have never had a report of a customer breaking a tube while transporting them.  Click here for more information about tube strength.  The panels can be delivered by courier companies, which collect the goods and deliver them directly.  However, this is very expensive.  Most of our customers collect the panels themselves.  Sometimes it is possible to find a local courier company which will take on a collection job on the basis that they will do it when they next come in this direction.  This is much cheaper, because they are making the journey anyway.


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