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Guy Houghton lives in Colwall, on the West side of the Malvern Hills on the border of Worcestershire and Herefordshire.  He decided that he wanted to fit a solar thermal system to his property to heat his water in a way that was a little greener than a conventional boiler. To fit an unvented cylinder in the airing cupboard the system boiler had to be moved out and relocated in another room. This move allowed the cylinder to be put in the cupboard along with the controls and associated pipe work.

The system was completed at the end of June 2009 and Guy telephoned Justin soon after it was completed, a little concerned that the water in his hot water cylinder had reached 69C.  Guy of course was reassured that everything is well and there was no reason to worry. It just shows how efficient Solar Thermal Systems work and the temperatures that are achievable.

1x Eco-50-1800-20 Eco-Nomical evacuated tube collector
Resol Flowcon A Pump Station with Resol BS4 Controller
DuoSolar twin line corrugated stainless steel pipe
Resol VA32 - 3 port Valve
Inline automatic air vent with isolator
Santon PP250B unvented solar cylinder
15 litres of propylene glycol



Thanks to Guy and Justin for this information.


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