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Karen Cooper is the proprietor of the Pathways natural therapy centre (www.pathwaystherapycentre.co.uk) in Malvern and is very aware of the responsibility towards the environment we all share.  She had been considering solar thermal for a while, but had been put off by the high cost of previous quotations from national companies.  So when Justin Walters offered her an Eco-nomical system which had twice the output at a much lower cost, she jumped at the chance. Three
Eco-58-1800-20 collectors were installed as the system had to supply water for six people in her household, and the most suitable roof was South West facing, which would lead to a reduction in output (from optimal South facing) of 5 - 10%.

The system as installed included:

3 x Eco-58-1800-20 collectors

Resol Flowcon A with BS4 controller

Inline airscoop

Radiator as a heat-dump for surplus energy

2 x lead roof slates

Resol 3 port diverter valve

Vented 320 litre cylinder made to fit exactly in the airing cupboard.



Thanks to Karen and Justin for this information.



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