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Mark bought an Eco-58-1800-20 collector, an AX controller and various other parts for his installation.  He writes:

"Dear Eco-nomical, 

It has been a while since I bought my panel and various fittings from you in January but I just wanted to let you know how it is going.  I am not normally one for economising but I decided I wanted to go to solar heated water in the most cost effective way possible so that I could recover the expense in the shortest timeframe.  To that end, I invested in a 58mm x 20 tube panel with a no-frills Resol AX controller, an 18 litre pressure vessel, a Caleffi air separator, a standard central heating pump and small domestic radiator in the loft as a heat dump if required.  I saved money by installing the system myself and as I had already installed a 200 litre solar cylinder previously i thought the rest of the job would be relatively simple.  It was straightforward but I guess if i am honest it was very hard work especially if you lack a head for heights!  I had very restricted room to work with a small airing cupboard already dominated by the cylinder and loft that could bearly be accessed on hands and knees but I squeezed it all in.
The results; very impressed.  I have had no teething troubles, no leaks, the air separator works excellently as does the controller and it is really rather dull in that everything works as it should!  The only fly in the ointment was that extra turn of the screwdriver on one of the tube clamps that I knew I shouldn't do and sure enough... crack.  So at some point I will need a new tube and will also need the overvoltage protection device that you didn't have in stock in January.  However, I finished the installation at the end of April and it has provided all of our hot water since, fantastic...just in time for yet more gas and electricity price rises.
Regards Mark


Well, that is the sort of dullness I can live with!  Thanks for the information, Mark.




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