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Peter Houghton bought 4 Eco-47-1500-20 collectors.  He chose four of the smaller collectors because he needed a large array but has a complicated roof with a number of obstructions.  Justin Walters did the installation, using a secondary unvented cylinder to preheat the input to an existing unvented cylinder.

Justin writes:

"When I visited Peter’s property to discuss the installation a major problem was lack of space. Peter had one airing cupboard and had installed a ‘Heatrae Sadia 200 Litre Megaflo Unvented cylinder (very expensive) some years ago and there were quite a few 22mm pipes within the area and no solar coil available to connect the collector array. There just was not the room to install a large solar cylinder to cater for a large house with 6 people living in it!  I decided the best course of action was to install an additional unvented cylinder in the loft area that would feed the main unvented cylinder with preheated hot water from the solar array. This solar cylinder was also fitted with a secondary coil that is not currently in use. This coil is available if Peter wishes to change or add another cylinder to his setup without the inconvenience of altering the cylinder. (Mains cold water is currently entering our properties in the UK at around 11 Degrees depending where you live) The boiler would then heat the water entering the ‘Megaflo cylinder’ to the required temperature and as we move into the spring I doubt the boiler will operate at all. Unvented cylinders can be situated anywhere on a property and provide the household with high pressure hot water (airing cupboard, loft space, garage) which matches their cold supply. This is very useful on large properties where two or more bathrooms exist and also high power showers!"

Notice the unorthodox method of moving the tubes up to the roof.  It is important to ensure that the box is sufficiently well attached to the rope!


Thanks to Peter for this information


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