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Justin installed a 60 tube system for Phil Redman on a new build.  The system comprised

2 x 30 Tube 58mm collector panels
1 x D2F twin line Resol Pumping Station
1 X Resol ES controller
1 x 250 litre triple coil vented cylinder
1 x Resol 3 port valve
1 x thermostatically controlled mixing valve

Phil's house has a roof ridge line that runs North to South.  This system is unusual because it is mounted both on a West and an East facing roof. When the sun rises in the East  the panel on the East facing roof operates. By mid day both panels on the roofs are operating due to the
position of the sun. In the afternoon when the sun is in the West the 'West' facing panel operates.  The twin pump pumping station splits the solar loop between the two collectors, and can circulate fluid through either or both panels, as determined by sensors in both panels,

With the triple coil hot water cylinder and Resol ES controller, a sophisticated system is possible in which the solar first heats water at the top of the cylinder, in order to heat a small quantity of water quickly, then switches to heat the lower part of the cylinder.

Justin also installed 350 metres of underfloor heating and manifold which are
currently heated by an Amptec 9KW electric heater using 'Off Peak'
electricity. A wood burner has also been installed in the property.



Thanks to Justin and Phil for this information.


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