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Justin installed for Steve and Jean Simnett in June 2008.  He writes:

"The Simnetts had converted their loft area into a studio and rather than use electricity for heating they wanted the solar system to contribute to heating this area. The following components were used;

3 x 20 58mm Tube Eco-nomical collectors

1 x Resol Flowcon A with BS4

1 x Inline air separator

1 x 18 Litre Expansion Vessel with mounting kit

1 X Resol VA32 3 port valve

10 Metres of Armacell DuoSolar Solar Pipe

1 x Albion 250 Litre Vented Cylinder

The three collectors forming an oversized array were purposely used to heat the cylinder as quickly as possible, and then once the water has reached 60 degrees the system will operate the heating leg of the system.  This had 2 x 1KW 600mm x 600mm double walled radiators situated at either end of the studio. This will give good background heat and will allow the Simnett’s to produce hot water quickly without having to worry about overheating situations.

Jean Simnett writes in a recent e-mail to Justin:

Dear Justin,

We are absolutely amazed at the temperature of the water!!!   It is so hot.

Steve and I both had baths yesterday and we both had to put cold water in the bath.  This is despite me liking it really hot. 

We are delighted with the solar panels, thank you for doing them so quickly and making such a neat job. 

Thank you also for fixing the roof tiles. 

We have been singing your (and solar energy's) praises all weekend. 

Have a great holiday

Kind regards

Jean and Steve


Thanks to Steve and Jean Simnett and Justin for this information. 


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