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Wayne installed an Eco-47-1500-20 on a south facing roof on his park home.  He also has a photovoltaic array.  Wayne writes:

I went for the BS4 pump station, fitted a new twin coil solar hot water cylinder, and while i was at it renewed the cold water tank header.  I used a towel rail radiator as the excess heat dump.  The problems specific to a park home include that there is no access to the underside of the roof and no loft in which to hide parts.  The roof angle is lower that most brick built homes and the internal space is very limited.  I was able to get the pipe work, pump station and expansion tank in the bathroom cupboards . With hindsight I would have gone for the flex pipe to avoid compression joints in confined spaces, which can be difficult.  I took the BS4 controller out of the pump station and raised it to near eye level, its more fun to watch the temperature rise than to watch the TV!

I have 64 watts of spare photovoltaic panels and a small battery bank set up, (I use it to run my laptop if I am in the conservatory) .

I have just added a pure sine inverter (the inverter converts the low voltage DC from the pv to 230V AC.  Pure sine refers to the shape of the AC waveform that the inverter produces) and this runs the controller/pump fine. I have got to run some wire to set it up permanently, so have not had it on long enough to see if 64 watts is enough (can add a bit more if needs be).  The power meter I plug the controller into seems to suggest I will be ok, but will see what happens in the real world after losses .

There is a solar power socket next to the controller plug, but this is my main pv set up and uses a good quality inverter, but not pure sine, so did not want to risk using it with the controller (runs the fridge freezer and my TV / lights etc no problem but some of my electronic stuff hums a bit using this inverter so played safe).

Results so far in this short period have ranged from wow!!! on the few sunny days we had, tank at over 70c top and bottom , and the radiator on, down to the rainy overcast days where the tank gets to 40 ish but even then it takes very little more power to heat up if a bath is required .

I donít expect winter results to be too good, partly due to the lower angle my roof is at (there is only around 10% of the summer level of solar insolation available in winter), but if I feel brave or mad enough I could add an other collector as there is much more working space on the roof that under the cupboards, and the views are nice!

Overall, glad I did it.


Thanks to Wayne for this information.


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Last modified: 05-06-09